Students, Your Journey to the Trinity Scholars Program Starts Here!

Congratulations on starting your journey with us! If you haven’t already, please read through the web page before proceeding.

What is the Trinity Scholars Program (TSP)?

The TSP is designed to help you succeed not only in college but also in life. This program is designed for students with a desire to understand their God-given design and talents. Students are encouraged to explore and understand their Vocational Identity (sometimes known as "Calling") a fancy way to simply say "who you are, how has God designed you for purpose in life."
"From a faith perspective, vocation (or Calling) is expressed through the ways we choose to live our lives in work, in relationships, and in our commitments to church, community and the broader world."

Are you eligible?

The TSP is for either first-generation college students who are Pell eligible OR not Pell eligible, but from a financially challenged household. Students must also plan to attend a Christian college in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana.

TSP GRAD applicants should be open and eager to:

  • Learn more about who you are so you can be most effective in what you do
  • Want to understand the roles of "service" in whatever career you choose
  • Have a coach help you in your path of study

What can I expect as a TSP GRAD?

Applicants may receive up to $10,000 per academic year in need-based scholarship support, for up to four years.

TSP GRADs start their journey by taking the CVI (Core Values Index) assessment during the summer before your first year of college. This is a simple online assessment that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.The CVI tells you (and us!) about the positive innate, core, unchanging nature of how you have been created. The traits that help you better understand who you are, so you can make good decisions about your future. Taking the CVI is a required part of being a TSP GRAD. At your option you may also take the Gifts of Grace (GoG) assessment which is similar to the CVI but focusses on the spiritual gifting traits that God has given you. It is also online and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Participate in the TSP Coaching Program. From there the fun begins. You’ll then be paired with one of our coaches. These are professional life and business coaches who love to work with college-aged young adults. You’ll "meet" with your coach 6-8 times over the academic year, via phone or video platform for about an hour each time. Your coach will work with you to think through classes you are choosing, your major(s), and the pathway into your career...along with other topics that are important to you. Referring back to and using the assessment information as "home base" for conversation and decision making. The TSP Coaching Program is designed for all four years so that the conversations grow with your growth throughout college.

Our desire is to help reduce the financial burden of college, and help students be aligned with a life focus of service and impact.... no matter what career path you choose. All of this is to help you live a successful life with a perspective of service, for opportunity and impact.

The application period for the TSP program opens January 1st and closes March 31st of each year.

Application available January 1st.

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