The Trinity Scholars Program


Opportunity and Impact

Students selected become a Trinity Scholars Program become a TSP GRAD who:


  • Greet challenges in life with enthusiasm
  • Reach for goals you set
  • Accountable, to acknowledging who they are; becoming the best at what they do
  • Dedicate service to others in whatever you do in life

Who is Eligible

  • Students of any background who are attending Christian colleges in any of the Northwest states (WA, OR, ID, MT)
  • Students who show a strong desire to understand their Calling in life and are willing to commit to the Trinity Scholars Program assessments and coaching support
  • Students who meet the GPA and financial requirements to be a TSP GRAD
  • About half of those selected are first-generation college and come from a financial need (Pell eligible) basis
  • The remaining students are selected from households whose income is above being Pell eligible, but low enough that there is significant unmet need. (Effective Family Contribution of greater than Pell cut-off, but less than $10,000)

What We Do

Our Goal is to provide life-long opportunity for underserved first generation college students and also for financially challenged students.

Our Vision is for TSP GRADs to have a deep understanding of who they are to be the best version of what they do in life.

Our Mission is to unlock the potential of underserved first-generation college and financially challenged students into lives of purpose, opportunity, and impact.

What We Believe

We believe it’s essential to know who you are before you can determine what you should do in life.

We believe every individual is created with a God-given innate nature to thrive in life; to have a sense of “Calling”. We believe that tapping into and understanding that “Calling” paired with guidance and support, is critical for success in college. We further believe that this “Calling” will lead to lifelong success, satisfaction and impact lives of service no matter what career pathway a student follows.

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How We Support

Today’s college students face many challenges. Studies show these are magnified for first-generation and financially challenged students. The Trinity Scholars Program tackles two of the biggest barriers for these students to either enter or to stay in college...

Student Debt

  • Underserved and financially challenged students are more likely to drop out of college because of student debt. This is the #2 reason students drop out of college.
  • First-gen students are 20% more likely to have more than $25,000 in debt than the average college graduate.
  • Mounting debt also causes undue anxiety and pressure.

Purposeful Education

  • Having a sense of direction & meaning. Lack of this, coupled with growing debt, is the #2 reason students drop out of college.
  • Creating a pathway of study that aligns with who the student “is”, to have a sense of direction and purpose while in college and a vision for life beyond is important.
  • The Foundation strives to give future leaders the tools and skills to thrive in their area of study.

Studies show that these two factors contribute to failure and/or college drop out rates.

We make a deep investment in each TSP GRAD by providing selected students with two foundational elements of support:

First, we help take a significant bite out of financial needs by providing up to $10,000 per academic year, for four years, in need-based financial support.

Second, foundational to the TSP is helping students understand who they are, their innate nature. Each TSP GRAD starts by taking the Taylor Protocols CVI (Core Values Index) Assessment. The CVI, is a unique tool that doesn’t measure behavior or personality. The CVI gives a deep understanding of a person’s innate, unchanging nature. Students are also given the option to take the Gifts of Grace assessment. The GoG is similar to the CVI but focusses on the spiritual gifting that God imparts. The CVI and, when opted for, the GoG are used as baseline data for each TSP GRAD.

Using the CVI and GoG as baseline information we then provide professional coaching for each student. Our trained coaches take a friendly yet purposeful one-on-one approach with each student to help them think through the classes they choose, the major(s) they focus on, and guidance into a career pathway. They ask “How does this align with who you really are?” These types of questions help to guide students. This coaching commitment follows the student through the entire four years while the TSP GRAD is in college.

What The Research Shows

Gallup Research study shows:

    • For success in college, having a mentor/coach was the #1 reason by almost a 2 to 1 margin, of why graduates rated their reasons for completion.
    • College graduates who have mentor/coaches are almost twice as likely to be engaged in their work and thriving in the five core elements of well-being (Purpose, Social, Financial, Community, Physical).

TSP GRADs remain eligible to stay in the TSP each year by maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA and participating in all coaching and related program events.

As you can see, the Trinity Scholars Program is a commitment, an investment, and a partnership with each student for their success.

Are you someone who wants to financially support students or get involved in others ways? Visit our donor pages.

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