Our Scholars

We Salute the 2017/18 and 2018/19 Trinity Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

The TEF is supporting 21 awesome past Trinity Lutheran College students this year with scholarships to help complete their degrees. They are continuing their studies at 13 different institutions.


Hannah A. - Elementary Education, Northwest University
Jenna A. – Communication, Boise State University
Corbin F. – Psychology, Saint Martin’s University
Justin F. – Master of Arts Religion, Episcopal Trinity School for Ministry
Keri G. – English Literature, Pacific Lutheran University
Jewel G. – Human Development and Family Studies, Seattle Pacific University
Zach I. – Business Finance, and Economics, Grand Canyon University
John I.- Business Sales Marketing & Leadership Management
Pamela K. – Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary
Cassandra L. – Education, Saint Martin’s University
Chad L. – Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary
Griffey L. – Physical Education, Central Washington University
Eric M. – Business, University of Washington
Tulio M. – Exercise Science Concentration, Rocky Mountain College
Bradley M. – Youth Ministry, Barclay College
Vaughan N. – Secondary Education, Everett Community College
Artresa N. – Communication, Saint Martin’s University
Jordan N. – Psychology and Communications, Northwest Christian University
Aaron R. – Exercise Science, Western Oregon University
Nathan S. - Mathematics and Education, Seattle Pacific University
Katrina S. – Master of Divinity, United Seminary

Antonia A. - Social Work, Saint Martin University
Caleb B. - Visual Communication, Seattle Pacific University
Ashleigh F - Business Management, Saint Martin's University
Amber G. - Psychology, Seattle Pacific University
Pamela G.- Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary Recipient of the Anna Laura Ley Ministry Scholarship
Jewel G. -Individual and Family Development, Seattle Pacific University Recipient of the Verne & Bernice Lavik Scholarship in Intercultural Studies
Pamela K. - Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary
Michael K. - Master of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary
Chad L.- Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary Recipient of the Charles and Erdie Brodahl Ministry Scholarship
Dylan L. - Computer Science, Central Washington University
Anthony M.- Business, Saint Martin's University
Eric M. - Business, University of Washington Bothell Recipient of the Florence and Howard Vedell Scholarship for Business Leadership and Management
Bradley M. - Youth Ministry, Barclay College Recipient of the Lenore Lunde-Myers Scholarship for Children, Youth and Family
Artresa N.- Business Communication, Saint Martin's University
Jordan N. - Psychology and Communications, Northwest Christian University
Kcristell P. - Psychology, Northwest University
Rony P. - Business Management, Northwest University Aaron R. - English, Western Oregon University
Nathan S. - Mathematics & Education, Seattle Pacific University
Paul V. - Computer Science, Everett Community College
Anthony W. - Psychology, Saint Martin's University

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