Gifts And Planned Giving To Support Student Scholarships

Financial Gifts

If you would like to make a financial gift to help support scholarships given by the TEF you may do so by making a gift to Trinity Education Foundation.  You may also designate your gift to a particular scholarship that we offer. You may give gifts to the following:

The Trinity Scholars Program.  The TSP is our main scholarship program.  You can learn more here.  You can make a gift to the TSP here.

The TEF Dave Ellingson Scholarship.  You can learn more here.  You can make a gift to the TEF Dave Ellingson Scholarship here.

The TEF Seminary Fund. You can learn more here. You can make a gift to the TEF Seminary Fund here.
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Planned Gifts (Estate Gifts)

If you would like to include the Trinity Education Foundation in your estate plan:

You can certainly do so!  Your estate gift will help ensure a college education and vocational service learning experience for future students and allow them to serve the world as God has gifted them.

Please take these two steps:

  1. Include the  Trinity Education Foundation as the beneficiary in your estate plan.
  2. Contact our office to inform us that the TEF is in your plan so that we have record of this.  Our contact information is as follows: or calling 425.249.4800.  Thank you!

What if you currently have either Trinity Lutheran College or the Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle in your estate plan?

This is no problem!  We have had a number of people ask about what to do with their estate plans since they have Trinity in their plans or have been thinking about including Trinity in their plans.  You can keep either of these entity names in your estate plan (unless you want to change the designation to the Trinity Education Foundation).  With the closure of Trinity Lutheran College, all of the By-Laws and also approval by the Superior Court allows for gifts given to either Trinity Lutheran College or the Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle to be deposited and flow to the Trinity Education Foundation, which is the follow-on entity to both.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at or call 425.249.4800.

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