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The Trinity Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who come from a range of professional backgrounds and share a passion to see students thrive in their vocations in the spirit of TLC and LBI-Seattle. Leadership of the TEF is comprised of the Trustees, and is supported by an Executive Director and an Investment Adviser.

Board Of Trustees

Our History

The Trinity Education Foundation  was formed in 2007 as a Supporting Organization to Trinity Lutheran College.  TLC had its foundation as the Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle which began in 1944.

From 2007 through the final attending class of the college in 2016 the Foundation has provided scholarship funds to Trinity students each year. The Foundation has been and is directed by a Board of Trustees, which was separate from the Board of Directors of the college.

With the sale of the college campus in October, 2016 the office for the foundation has moved to Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Everett, WA.



The first LBIS campus was located in downtown Seattle, though it soon moved to the Greenwood area of north Seattle. The college initially offered programs in biblical studies, theology, and missions, later adding Christian education and youth ministry.


In 1979, LBIS relocated to the Providence Heights area of Issaquah, a 39-acre wooded campus formerly owned by the Sisters of Providence. The college became accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities in 1982.


In 2008, Trinity moved its campus from Issaquah to downtown Everett, remodeling the former Port Gardner building. The campus included the Campus Center, an adjacent parking garage, and two nearby student apartment buildings.

Trinity offered bachelor’s degrees in 10 majors and 17 minors, as well as a two-year Associate of Biblical Studies, one-year Certificates in Professional Studies, and a one-year Certificate in Biblical Studies. Trinity maintained its distinctiveness as a biblically-centered institution by requiring all bachelor’s students to complete the Trinity Crux Curriculum, which includes biblical studies, spiritual formation, and service learning.

The Trinity Education Foundation was created to be a supporting organization to Trinity Lutheran College and to provide scholarships to students attending the college.


Trinity Lutheran College announced it’s closure and ceasing of instruction at the end of the May 2016 semester. TLC graduated over 70 students, one of its largest classes in years. Through God’s grace and with overwhelming support from many partnering colleges around the country, TLC was able to provide opportunities for undergraduates to continue their studies elsewhere.

The Trustees of the Trinity Education Foundation determined that they would keep the foundation alive and to continue to offer college scholarships into the future. The sale of the college campus building allowed for this to be a reality. Plans on how to do so began.


The Trustees of the Trinity Education Foundation determined their first step was to support TLC undergrads as best possible through their graduation at other institutions. They decided for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years the foundation would offer scholarship eligibility to all who were undergrads when the college closed, and to those who attended TLC from the year 2000 forward if they are now in seminary. In August, 2017 the first distributions of these scholarship occurred; 22 students at 11 different institutions received scholarships.

Strategic plans began for how the foundation will grow and who it will provide scholarships to in the future after the past-TLC students complete their studies. These are exciting times as after the difficult decision to close the college occurred, there is a new season ahead for the LBI/TLC movement in the form of the Trinity Education Foundation!


In June the TEF awarded scholarships to 21 past TLC students who are attending at 16 different institutions to complete their degree.

The remaining plans were completed for the major program offered by the TEF going into the future: the Trinity Scholars Program.  It was launched in the Fall of 2018 for its inaugural academic year in 2019/20, to support students attending Christian colleges and universities in the northwest states (WA. OR, ID, MT).  Also, the TEF Dave Ellingson Scholarship, with a focus on students studying in the areas of environmental stewardship or social justice issues was established, and, the TEF Seminary Scholarship remains an important scholarship that we offer.

Today, Trinity graduates serve as respected leaders in churches, business, government, and nonprofit organizations. In that spirit and mission the Trinity Education Foundation will continue to pursue ways to support the education of students as faithful and ethical leaders within their respective fields.

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