Holden Village: A Blissful Retreat with Christ

Holden Village in Cascade Mountains near Chelan WA, community building and notice board surrounded by trees and mountain tops

In the heart of the Cascade Mountains near Chelan, Washington, there is a quiet, wooded haven where friends and families gather for a reprieve from day-to-day stress. Their mission statement is to “welcome all people into the wilderness,” creating a place for people to forget their troubles and explore their relationship with God.

There is no cell reception or Wi-Fi,only a satellite phone available for emergencies. Holden Village is truly off the grid. Visitors stay in family-style lodges, spending their days going to activities and lessons or going on trips through the wilderness. There are studios dedicated to pottery, weaving, and crafts, as well as a local history museum and library. For indoor recreation, there is ping pong, pool, instruments, board games, even a bowling alley.

In winter, the entire village is blanketed in snow. Visitors explore the winter paradise on skis or snowshoes, and tumble down the hill on sleds. Worship is held by the fireside each day, and indoor games are available in abundance to help visitors defrost. The sauna is an especially popular place for people to relax and think on chilly days.

We chose Holden Village as the summer vocation locale our Dave Ellingson Scholarship for Environmental Studies & Social Justice, giving our students the opportunity to add to and maintain this beautiful space while also experiencing all it has to offer. We hope for each beneficiary of our scholarship program will make great memories to help define their path.

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