Frequently Asked Questions

To keep you informed of what’s happening at the Trinity Education foundation (TEF), we’ve developed a list of Q&A’s. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us at

The Trinity Education Foundation grants scholarships in the tradition of Trinity Lutheran College and the Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle. The Trinity Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who come from a range of professional backgrounds and share both a history with Trinity Lutheran College and LBI-Seattle and a passion to see students thrive in their vocations, in the spirit of TLC and LBI-Seattle.

The TEF is excited about its future and the opportunity to impact the lives of college students and their future to influence the world through their vocation. The TEF will begin offering scholarships again starting in the fall for the 2017-18 academic year.The trustees feel that the best use of funds to support the spirit and intent of LBI/Trinity will be to offer scholarships to students who were attending Trinity when it ceased operations. This will be the case for two years so that past Trinity students can vie for scholarships in their junior and seniors years in college. Scholarships will be offered in the areas of Ministry & Pastoral Leadership, Business Leadership, Seminary, and General. Some funds may also be used to support faith-based organizations that help students learn about their God-given opportunities to serve the world through their vocation. We're grateful to God that there is opportunity for the Trinity/LBI movement to continue in this form!

The Trinity Lutheran College/LBI Facebook pages will continue to exist after May 2016.

If you currently have Trinity Lutheran College or the Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle in your estate plan we encourage you to stay the course. With the continuation of the foundation your estate gift will help ensure a college education and vocational service learning experience for future students and allow them to serve the world as God has gifted them. For details on indicating a beneficiary or instructions on how to include the Trinity Education Foundation in your estate plan click here.

If you would like to make a financial gift to help support scholarships given by the TEF you may do so by making a gift to Trinity Lutheran College, designated to the Trinity Education Foundation.  100% of your gift will flow from the college to the foundation.  After the new legal structure for the foundation is determined and finalized it will then be registered to receive gifts directly, and you’ll then be able to give electronically.  We will keep you informed when this happens.
You can send your gift to:
Trinity Education Foundation
215 West Mukilteo Blvd.  Suite 205
Everett, WA  98203

Trinity’s board of directors met in early January 2016 to review the financial status of the school. Several options were presented to the board, and in the end a vote was taken and a unanimous decision was made to cease instruction May 7, 2016. That decision, although difficult, was made with the understanding that the efforts required for fundraising and new student recruitment to sustain the college were beyond reach. A subsequent announcement letter from the board was sent to faculty, staff and students.

The administration at Trinity worked tirelessly to find a good fit for those students who are not graduating in the spring 2016 semester. Faculty met individually with students to develop individualized plans and the administration worked with local four-year institutions on transfer agreements for qualifying credits.

Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA is the custodian of the TLC/LBI-Seattle student transcripts and course catalogs (those catalogs that were available at the time that TLC ceased instruction). You may contact them to request transcripts. There is a $10 charge.   Contact the Registrars office at Pacific Lutheran University ( They are available by e-mail (, by phone (253-535-7131) and by appointment. The office is located in the Hauge Administration Building, Room 102, and is accessible via the Student Services Center front desk (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM).

Your Trinity Lutheran College degree will still be recognized as a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. Ceasing instruction does not change that. You will still be eligible for graduate programs. Lutheran Bible Institute certificates also remain unchanged.

The Issaquah campus holds a special place in the hearts and experiences for so many Trinity/LBI alums, faculty and staff. The campus was sold to City Church a number of years ago. Trinity does not have control over its use and disposition. It is under the control of City Church. Josh Post (alumnus, past staff and Board member at Trinity) will be engaged with City Church, and if possible the future developer of the property to understand what its use will be and what the plans may be for the use of the assets (stained glass windows, etc.) if and when the campus building are demolished.  If you have questions about this, Josh can be reached at